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Mozambique: Contracts in Cabo Delgado for Rwandan Holdings ‘Pay’ Kagame’s Military Support

Crystal Ventures Limited (CVL), holding of the Patriotic Front of Rwanda (FPR), the party-state of PAUL KAGAME´s (PK) regime, will be included in the core of the main service providers for Area 1, which has in Total the main operator. The inclusion of CVL is a compensation for Rwandan military and police support in the stabilization of Cabo Delgado province (c. 2,000 active elements in counter-insurgency actions), requested by Total Energies.

In addition to CCS, companies such as Alistair, Van Oord, Technip and Marine Services are among Total's main providers. CCS's subcontractors are the Portuguese companies Zagope and Gabriel Couto, as well as IFS, SubTech, Renco, Dorce and WBHO, among others.

The participation of CVL will be at the same level as CCS, taking an important part of the business connected to the EPC. READ MORE