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Angola: Management of Presidential Succession by Lourenço Agitates MPLA

ADÃO de ALMEIDA (AA), 42 years old, is internally pointed out as the cadre of the new generation best positioned for the scenario of future succession in the leadership of the party, but he is not a consensual figure. Among his qualities are recognized good academic training, oratory skills, as well as the fact that he comes from one of the most prominent and traditional families of the regime, which includes the historical leader of the party ROBERTO de ALMEIDA. JL has been promoting AA, most recently to Minister of State and Chief of Staff.

CAROLINA CERQUEIRA (CC), is the leader of the MPLA identified as being at the center of initiatives aimed at promoting a de-escalation with the opposition, benefiting from her conciliatory image and the diversity of channels available to her. A successful effort by CC in the task in which she appears to be launched may also come to revert in favor of presenting her as a candidate for vice-PR in the elections. JL is assigned an inclination for CC in the personality to choose for the candidacy for the position (AM 1332).

The perception that João Lourenço has been shaping the top bodies of the MPLA to his interests and conveniences, without taking care of future succession plans, has been gaining consistency in the follow up of the DEC.2021 Congress, in which he significantly expanded the bodies of the BP and the Central Committee (CC), so that they became more difficult to manage (AM Special Report 67). READ MORE