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Angola: Alternative to Cerqueira for Vice-PR Considered by Lourenço

CAROLINA CERQUEIRA (CC) is the leader of the MPLA identified as being at the center of initiatives aimed at promoting a de-escalation with the opposition, benefiting from her conciliatory image and the diversity of channels available to her. A successful effort by CC in the task in which she appears to be launched may also come to revert in favor of presenting her as a candidate for vice-PR in the elections. JL is assigned an inclination for CC in the personality to choose for the candidacy for the position (AM 1332).

The appointment of CC as minister of state responsible for the social area was interpreted within the party as a preparation for her ascension to the post of Vice- PR. Currently, in the formal framework, JL is surrounded by four senior officials of the State apparatus, who have greater direct access to the PR - CC, EDELTRUDES COSTA, FRANCISCO FURTADO, FERNANDO MIALA (AM 1344).

A first draft of the MPLA MPs in the National Circle of the elections, has already been completed by JL, according to consistent information circulating in party circles. JL is now awaiting submission of the lists of provincial circles, whose compilation is the responsibility of the party committees in the provinces. READ MORE