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Angola: Judge Gives Ground for Appeal by Carlos São Vicente

In the aforementioned statement, the judge emphasizes that the court is responsible for guaranteeing the rights of the defendants, as ensured by law. She also refers that the "procedural speed and economy" do not justify the omission of diligences, which may lead to the "introduction of remnants of an inquisitorial policy" in the present case, whose sentencing she opposes.

PAP's position is in line with currents within the judicial environment that maintain that the way in which fundamental judicial processes, from the investigation stage, have been conducted, evidences the political conduct of the same, with the aim of harming certain figures - the most evident cases being those of the sons of former PR, ISABEL dos SANTOS (IS) and JOSÉ FILOMENO ("ZENU") dos SANTOS. In the same sense, the inertia of the Attorney General's Office towards figures such as MV, who constituted one of the greatest fortunes during JES's mandates, through dealings with Sonangol, is pointed out. READ MORE