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Mozambique: Nyusi Assures Faustino's Continuity at ACCLN, Set in FRELIMO Congress

In a year of Congress, FRELIMO should have held its Central Committee (CC) at the end of MAR., but it has not yet held or scheduled the first of two annual sessions and the matter has become contentious within the party.

The XII Congress of the party may not discuss the succession of FN, but it will elect the members of the CC, the most important deliberative body of FRELIMO, in the period between congresses, who will be responsible for choosing the next party candidate, probably in 2023.

To ensure control of the next CC, FN supporters are focused on placing loyal party leaders in the leadership of the party's governing bodies. After the OMM and now the ACLLN, next month, the leadership of the OJM will be disputed. READ MORE