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Angola: Release of Higino Aggravates Discredit of Justice

The creation of legal conditions for the seizure of vast property, of high value, belonging to HIGINO CARNEIRO (HC) was pointed out in circles close to him for his constitution as a defendant, FEB.2019 in Luanda, by the PGR.

HC was put under investigation, like MANUEL RABELAIS, after being heard by the National Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Action (DNIAP), for acts of management while provincial governor of Luanda (2016-2017). Alleged embezzlement of public funds and other irregularities committed by him in the exercise of his former role as Construction Minister (2002-2010) and governor of the provinces of Cuando Cubango and Cuanza Sul were also investigated.

Despite the judicial investigations, HC was not only kept as a member of the party leadership (Central Committee), but his condition as a businessman tends to recover as a result of the opportunities that were promised to him with a view to recovering companies in difficulties and launching new businesses. READ MORE