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Mozambique: 'Knot' Tightened for Remaining Insurgents in Cabo Delgado, With Reinforced External Support

The Mozambican government continues to focus on external support to resolve the security situation in Cabo Delgado, with more than 4,300 foreign military personnel on the ground (support and combat),and a tendency to involve new actors in the long term.

The reform of the armed forces (FADM) is among the plans of the current Minister of Defense and former Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen CRISTÓVÃO CHUME (CC), appointed to the government in NOV.2021, increasing the military preparedness of the State to face uprisings of this type and ensure control over the entire national territory.

The activity of Islamic-inspired armed groups continues in the districts of Macomia, Nangade and Muidumbe, but at a level considered "controlled" and dispersed. Local information indicates the gradual loss of capacity for reorganization and preparation for larger-scale offensives. Active cells are composed of less than 20 elements on average. READ MORE