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Angola: MPLA Vice-President hit in Preparation of Electoral Lists

The approval of the lists was scheduled to take place at the MPLA CC meeting, on 03.MAY, in which the party leader, right at the beginning of the meeting, announced the withdrawal of the topic in question for a meeting on 24.MAY, because they were evaluated not to be in compliance. The party summit continued with the proposal of members of the Discipline, Ethics and Auditing Commission (CDA), which was submitted to it on 24.MAR by the coordinator MARIA ANTONIETA JOSEFINA BAPTISTA.

JL, as it turned out, endorsed CF's arguments, contesting the forced promotion of relatives of leaders on the lists and directed that the list of MPs be changed, since he himself, as he claimed, was not promoting any member of his family, nor even his wife, ANA DIAS LOURENÇO, whose militancy in the party is unquestionable. READ MORE