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São Tomé and Príncipe: Return of Patrice in Peril

The preparations of PATRICE TROVOADA (PT), leader of the ADI and considered the favorite in the next elections, to return to the country, from which he has been absent for four years, coincided with the resurgence at the level of the Public Ministry (MP), and also from the media, of several alleged cases of corruption committed during the four years of his tenure as PM (2014-2018).

The filing or non-consideration by the MP of alleged evidence of PT involvement in the cases, delivered by the Government, led KELVE NOBRE CARVALHO (KNC), Attorney General of the Republic known for his connection to ADI and sympathy for PT, to come into conflict with PM JORGE BOM JESUS. The support of former PR EVARISTO CARVALHO, also close to PT, ensured the continuity of KNC. READ MORE