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Mozambique: LNG Area 4 Partners Dependent on Total, with Insecurity Persistent

The change in the external framework was important for the postponement of the final investment decision, initially taken for granted in 2020. The fact that the production of Area 4 does not depend exclusively on the Afungi complex, which will process the gas from Mamba, removed the urgency from this project. The Coral Sul FLNG floating platform, already installed, is expected to produce less than 1/4 of the estimated production at Mamba and processed at the Afungi complex (16 million tons/year) through an estimated production capacity of 3.4 million tons/year, but it still represents the beginning of the return on part of the investment still in 2022. None of the Area 4 partners have so far questioned the continuity of the project, although the FID remains postponed and should not happen before the end of 2023.

The emergence of signs of deterioration in the security situation in the districts of Mocímboa da Praia and the circulation of information about the intention of the armed groups to resume activity in the districts of Palma and Pemba will be related to reinforcements from 'jihadist' groups from countries in Central Africa, such as DR Congo and Kenya, on the move after the end of Ramadan.

Despite the improvement in security conditions in Cabo Delgado, where the areas most vulnerable to attacks by Islamic-inspired armed groups are currently circumscribed to the Macomia and Nangade districts, Total, whose CEO PATRICK POUYANNÉ recently traveled to Mozambique (AM Flash 105), imposed increased security demands on the government as a condition for the resumption of the project to build the LNG complex in Afungi. READ MORE