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Mozambique: Nyusi Narrows Control Over SISE with Loyal Staff

BERNARDO LIDIMBA (BL) is the new director of the State Security Intelligence Service (SISE) after appointment by PR FILIPE NYUSI on 31.MAY. Also appointed as deputy director was JOIA HAQUIRENE (JH).
BL is considered an average SISE cadre, with no recent operational experience, having spent much of his career outside the service structure, in political roles. The now director of SISE served in the PR, as head of protocol for PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) until FEB.2018, when he was appointed ambassador (high commissioner) to Kenya.

The new leadership reflects the stricter control by the FN wing over SISE, rewarding men of its trust who supported it in the process of “hidden debts”. The service continues to be seen as serving the FRELIMO party-state and its leadership has reflected balances within the party. READ MORE