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Mozambique: “Southern Front” in Cabo Delgado Paralyzes Major Projects and Threatens Pemba

The movement of Islamic-inspired armed cells active in Cabo Delgado from the district of Meluco towards the district of Ancuabe and Pemba (AM 1353), has been accentuated and accelerated since the beginning of JUN., opening a new front in the south of the province. Ancuabe district is the 11th under attack by armed groups, leaving only six districts still unscathed. The impacts on Pemba, the political and economic “capital” of the province, could be significant.
In addition to the social and political effects, revealing that the activity of the armed cells is still far from being controlled, the movements to the south call into question, similarly to the LNG projects in the north, some of the economic projects underway in the southern districts. READ MORE