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Mozambique: Armed Groups Spread Activities in Cabo Delgado; Tanzania's Role Questioned

Despite the gradual normalization of services and living conditions in the districts of Palma and Mocímboa da Praia, pockets of Islamic-inspired armed groups persist in regions such as Nangade and Macomia, with the conflict spreading to the southern districts of Cabo Delgado such as Meluco, Ancuabe and Chiure. There is also a growing probability of extension of the insurgents' range of action to neighboring provinces, especially Nampula, where the recruitment of volunteers for the guerrillas has been constant.

Tanzania's lack of commitment has been considered as one of the key factors in the spread of armed cells, namely in the south, hitherto spared by violence, and by the entry of volunteers and reinforcements across the border with Mozambique. The Tanzanian Government is also incapable/unavailable to contain access to Cabo Delgado by groups present in its territory. READ MORE