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Mozambique: Political Purposes Behind New Media Campaign Against Galp

The Government's “orientation” was expressed through the Tax Authority (AT - tax) which decided to carry out inspection operations on 11.JUL, where officials from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) were present, in several Galp gas stations, and whose results, given the nature of the inspection, would have to be incomplete and partial.

The press was summoned by the AT itself to be present in the inspection operations. AT is supervised by MAX TONELA (MT), who has been in charge of Economy and Finance since the last government reshuffle in MAR. MT knows the sector and Galp after having held the position of Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy for more than four years, presenting himself as one of the possible candidates of the PR FILIPE NYUSI party wing in the 2024 presidential elections. READ MORE