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Angola: Openness Policy by US with Electoral Reflections; Opposition Confident in Victory

The “new spirit” of relations between the two countries already influenced facts such as the announcement made by JOE BIDEN, at the JUN. G7 summit, of the launch of a large-scale photovoltaic energy production project in Angola, whose investment, USD 2 Bi, will be mostly made by North American investors; an elevation of the level of bilateral political dialogue, illustrated in a blitz trip to Washington by the MFA, TETE ANTÓNIO, to see ANTONY BLINKEN; or even the prospects of openness to the establishment of ties in the fields of defense and security.

Angola is generally considered to be the country in Sub-Saharan Africa in which Russia is most widely and firmly established – a legacy of its predecessor, the former USSR. The importance of relations between the two countries is particularly determined by the sensitive nature of the areas covered, including defense and security. In partnership with Cuba, Russia has practically the exclusive right to train Angolan military personnel. The complexity of these links has given rise to doubts about the Angolan regime's ability to change. READ MORE