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Mozambique: Mining Activity Affected by Increasing Insurgent Attacks

Since 01.JUN, 42 official claims of attacks in Cabo Delgado have been issued by the Islamic State - Mozambique (EI-M). The emboldening of Mozambique in the communication strategy of the Islamic State resulted in a substantial increase in the media activity of the nebulous 'jihadist'. EI-M claims to be operating in Mozambique through its affiliated organization Al-Sunna (Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama‘a / ASWJ), led by Tanzanian ABU YASIR HASSAN. The intermediate commands are mostly Kenyan and Tanzanian, with the presence of Congolese, Somali and Ugandan, but the bulk of the operatives are Mozambicans recruited in Niassa and Nampula, in addition to Cabo Delgado. READ MORE