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Mozambique: Appointment of Raul Domingos Adds to Annulment of Opposition

RAUL DOMINGOS has promoted some political initiatives, having offered himself as a negotiator between the RENAMO Military Junta, a dissident group whose leader MARIANO NHONGO was shot in 2021 (Flash 102) and the Government. After the death of DAVIZ SIMANGO, founding president of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), RD was invited by the PR to fill the vacant seat in the Council of State (CE), alongside former party comrades such as OSSUFO MOMADE (RENAMO president) and JULIÃO PICARDO. DS and RD joined the EC at the quota indicated by the PR (four members). The other members appointed by FN are ALBERTO CHIPANDE, his mentor, GRAÇA MACHEL and EDUARDO DA SILVA NIHIA.READ MORE