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Angola: Effective Popularity of Opposition Unsettles MPLA

Among the factors that the mobilization capacity revealed by the opposition takes advantage of, the following are especially considered;
- Elementary: the state of dissatisfaction/fatigue in relation to the government that the population shows, essentially motivated by an effective worsening of their basic living conditions; the popularity of opposition leader ADALBERTO COSTA JUNIOR (ACJ), especially appreciated for his combative and fearless spirit.
- Additional: the “less positive” image of JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) among the general population, a phenomenon arising from particularities such as the comparison of his governance with that of his predecessor, JOSÉ EDUARDO dos SANTOS (JES) in terms of well-being and security; in urban societies, including strata connoted with the MPLA, the inconsistencies and contradictions noted in the exercise of power. READ MORE