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Mozambique: Greater Room for Action by the Nyusi Wing Post-Congress Weakens Government Figures

With the exception of TOMÁS SALOMÃO (TS) and AIRES ALI (AA), who intend to be candidates for PR in the next presidential elections (2024), the remaining names referred to as potential candidates are outside the CP. These are the cases of JAIME BASÍLIO MONTEIRO (JBM), former Minister of the Interior and current SG of the National Defense and Security Council, LUÍSA DIOGO (LD), former Minister of Finance under ARMANDO GUEBUZA, currently at ABSA Bank as PCA, or JOSÉ PACHECO (JP), who has held several ministerial portfolios since the 1990s, the last of which as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 1st term of FILIPE NYUSI (FN). READ MORE