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Angola: Approach to US Ongoing

The prospects for the intensification of Angola-US relations, opened in APR, are entering the materialization phase. With the visit to Washington of an Angolan ministerial delegation (AM 1355), whose mission consisted of presenting new ideas and/or proposals aimed at expanding to new areas, economic and military, in particular, the hitherto limited sphere of bilateral cooperation.
JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) is one of the African presidents invited by JOE BIDEN to participate in the US-Africa summit scheduled for Washington, 13-15.DEC. Verified information indicates that the trip is being carefully prepared by a team constituted in the presidential office. JL's purpose is to make the trip an opportunity to demonstrate “sincere will” to raise the bar in relations with the US.

The evolution through which the initial position followed by Angola in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, described as having been of “ambiguous neutrality” (in fact considered to be a compromise with Russia), has already resulted, 12.OCT, in a vote in favor of a UN resolution condemning Russia for its policies of annexing Ukrainian territories. READ MORE