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Angola: Internal opposition to Lourenço persists

Among the "weak leadership qualities" pointed out to JL by his internal adversaries, the most repeated are lack of political intelligence, suspicious mind, tendency to surround himself with subservient individuals and vengeful spirit - one or all of which are believed to influence / condition his decisions in general. The recent annulment of the State with two undertakings to which the former president of the AN, FERNANDO da PEDADE DIAS dos SANTOS (“Nandó”) is linked, is considered a reflection of feelings of mistrust.

“Nandó” enjoyed sympathies among JL's internal adversaries and was known for attitudes of relative understanding towards UNITA; JL had no appreciation for him, apart from seeing him as a putative “competitor” given his former status as an “eternal presidential candidate”. The choice of moment to achieve it, after leaving the presidency of the AN, is associated with “cold” calculating criteria: he no longer needed him nor would he tend to react. READ MORE