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Guinea-Bissau: Drug Trafficking Awakens New US Attention

On SEP.22 the Police seized a drug shipment (cocaine) publicly estimated by the Ministry of the Interior at 70 kg. The knowledge of new, reliable data on the case led to the conclusion that, in fact, it amounted to 700 kg. The discrepancy between the two numbers would come to be attributed to a “trick” by the ministry, allegedly intended to allow the “appropriation” of a substantial part of the seizure by private interests.

USE, probably acting under pressure from rumors that the ministry's own leadership was involved in the case, dismissed the minister, BOTCHÉ CANDÉ (BC) and the Secretary of State for Public Order, AUGUSTO CABI; BACAR BIAI, PGR, also considered compromised, was kept in his place – an outcome attributed to public explanations by himself regarding his innocence. READ MORE