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Angola: Approach to US Softens Appearance of Aggressive Stance Towards Opposition

The harshness noted in the attitude currently cultivated by JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) towards the opposition (AM 1371), is considered in analyzes of Angolan politics as a reflection of the “greater condescension” towards his regime (AM 1373) now followed by the USA. Gestures of intransigence and even contempt have been marking JL's attitude towards the opposition.

UNITA, bringing together other opposition parties and civil society circles, obtained “significant” gains in the recent elections – most importantly its victory in Luanda and the increase to 90 of its mandates in the National Assembly (AN). The devaluation of this reality, seen as the logic of JL's conduct, is associated with subliminal purposes, including keeping it under pressure in order to facilitate its weakening.

In the way in which JL and the regime have been proceeding with a view to achieving their ends in relation to the opposition, “caution” has, however, been noted apparently dictated by the concern not to embarrass the US, taking into account the reduction in the level of demand commonly identified in its current policies for Angola in terms of human rights and the quality of democracy. READ MORE