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Guinea-Bissau: Simões Pereira Precipitates PAIGC Congress and Aggravates Internal Fractures

DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP), president of the PAIGC, maintained his refusal to repeat the elections of delegates from the party's base structures (elective conferences of base, section, sector and regions) and accelerated the holding of the X Party Congress for 18-20.NOV, one week after the Central Committee (CC) was held on 11-12.NOV.

DSP is a candidate for a third term at the head of the party, and should face five militants who assumed themselves as candidates for the party's presidency in 2021: OCTÁVIO LOPES (OL), MARTILENE dos SANTOS (MS), JOÃO BERNARDO VIEIRA, RAIMUNDO PEREIRA and EDSON ARAÚJO, already confirmed as meeting the conditions for this purpose. READ MORE