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Mozambique: Area 4 Revises Rovuma LNG After Start of Export in Coral Sul

The contrast between the Area 4 projects in Coral Sul, which met the deadlines set, and Rovuma LNG (stopped), pending on Total's decisions, has fueled doubts among sector agents about the real intentions of the Area 1 operator in resuming the project, as it has not yet committed itself to any date. Area 4 itself continues to postpone the final investment decision for Rovuma LNG, and is exploring alternatives through an exclusively offshore solution.

Total's argument for the temporary withdrawal of staff and interruption of work suspends the deadlines agreed with the Government, allowing time to be gained until the internal situation is clarified. In addition to the condition of objective improvement of security in the province, especially in the districts of Palma and Pemba, Total imposed as a condition the social normalization in the province, with the return of the population, recovery of basic infrastructure and resumption of essential services. READ MORE