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Angola: Commitment Grows Among Supporters of 3rd Mandate for Lourenço

The launch of the idea of extending the presidency of JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) to a third term is largely attributed to movements/influences moved in this direction by individuals from his own circle. It is considered, however, that they would not do so without JL's approval and there are even readings that the scenario of a new mandate corresponds primarily to his own will, only avoiding an active role in promoting it by "political decorum”.

JL's group of “bajús” includes individuals with different profiles. Illustrating such diversity are the cases of NORBERTO GARCIA (NG), director of the Office of Studies and Strategic Analysis (GEAE), a body that works under the auspices of the PR, as well as that of Gen JOSÉ TAVARES, who at the head of an undefined structure, supposedly well financed, develops obscure tasks in the interest of the PR (AM 1344) alongside the population of Luanda. READ MORE