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Mozambique: FADM, SAMIM and Rwandans Mobilize in Operation to “Clean” Messalo

In a formal statement, the Islamic State – Mozambique claimed 156 attacks in Cabo Delgado in 2022, which resulted in more than 330 civilian and military deaths. In a 2.5-minute video, allegedly filmed in the woods near the Messalo River, in DEC.2022, the guerrillas appeared to swear allegiance to their dead leader ABU AL-HUSSEIN AL-QURAISHI and promised new attacks against “Christians” in JAN.2023.

The ongoing operation in the Messalo River region was accompanied by the visit of the Minister of Defense, Gen. CRISTÓVÃO CHUME, to Cabo Delgado, starting at the command center in Mueda and later moving to Awasse, district of Mocímboa da Praia, where he met with units of the Rwandan contingent stationed there and with the respective commander, Maj-Gen EUGENE NKUBITO. READ MORE