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Mozambique: Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit Still a 'Mirage'

In its annual report, the PGR BEATRIZ BUCHILI recently admitted growing difficulties in combating this phenomenon. The country has not acquired the means to combat the use by kidnappers of telephone contacts registered in the name of third parties through false identification documents and foreign telephone numbers, using the Whatsapp platform.

Some of the kidnappings are planned from prisons, with the complacency of the guards. In 2021 and 2022, 37 kidnapping crimes were recorded, 19 of which were in the capital Maputo, followed by the provinces of Manica and Sofala. The variation for 2022 was just one less case. The number of cases unraveled after the intervention of the Justice does not reach half, with the so-called “black figures” still persisting, where there is no involvement of the authorities due to lack of trust by the families of the victims. READ MORE