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Guinea-Bissau: Government Folders Given to PRS and PTG Create Annoyance at PAIGC

DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP), leader of the PAIGC and winner of the JUN elections. with an absolute majority, decided to exclude the “party apparatus” from the new government, in a tactical option that will last until the next presidential elections, scheduled for late 2024, where he will be a candidate against the likely re-candidate PR UMARO SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE).

The PAIGC chose to control only a few ministries of sovereignty and the “easy” portfolios, for which figures faithful to DSP were appointed: the Ministry of Economy and Finance is in charge of SULEIMANE SEIDI, a State cadre trained in accounting, but major decisions should fall directly on GM; CARLOS PINTO PEREIRA (CPP) was appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. READ MORE