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Angola: MPLA Control of the State Spreads in Business Sector

In the initial phase of the first term of the current PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL), the reality of the State's control seemed to have entered the “descending curve”, but an inverse movement began to be verified soon afterwards. According to plausible estimates, it is now considered equal to or even greater than that existing in the period of JOSÉ EDUARDO dos SANTOS (JES), with the particularity of privileging individuals who are at the same time of the utmost confidence of JL.

The case of MARCOLINO MOCO is considered paradigmatic. He is linked to the MPLA, but has long been pointed out as a critic of the regime - which is why JES marginalized and always kept him at bay. At the beginning of his first term JL appointed him non-executive administrator of Sonangol, but in FEB.2021 ordered his dismissal, acting by deduced effect of public criticism he had same to the regime and to him. READ MORE