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Mozambique: Post-Election Damage Control by Celso Correia, Roque Silva and Filipe Nyusi

The more effective action of civil society organisations, through the electoral consortium More Integrity and the opposition parties themselves in the surveillance of the polling stations and electoral records, ended up revealing numerous falsifications and manoeuvres on the part of FRELIMO, accompanied by demonstrations of protest, in a process still without results in sight in the face of the “judicialization” of the contestation, which should end in the Constitutional Council.
This situation, aggravated by the action of the security forces, begins to be openly contested by various figures of the party itself, the most important of which is SAMORA MACHEL JUNIOR (“Samito”), son of the first PR, who dissociated himself from fraud and police interventions, demanding that the National Election Commission (CNE) correct the electoral irregularities. READ MORE