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Angola: Lourenço Eager For Third Mandate

JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) is determined to remain in power after the end of the current mandate, either as a result of a revision of the constitution that removes the provision that impedes him to run again, or, alternatively, by means of a postponement of the elections scheduled for 2027, owing to a “state of emergency” imposed on the country through a “seditious staging”.

JL's willingness to retain power is also considered to be the result of influences exercised on him by figures of the regime identified as being close to him, among them FERNANDO MIALA (FM), head of SINSE and coordinator of the security services; EDELTRUDES COSTA (EC), minister of state and head of the PR´s cabinet and EUGÉNIO LABORINHO (EL), Minister of the Interior, with whom he shares private interests. READ MORE