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Mozambique: Simango's death forces MDM to difficult deal with RENAMO

The popularity of the president and founder of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), DAVIZ SIMANGO (DS), and the centralization of the party around the leader, who died on 22.FEV, immediately forces difficult internal redefinitions and with other political forces to ensure the viability of MDM, the 3rd largest Mozambican party, created in 2009.
The figure of the vice-president was excluded from the party's statutes at the time of its creation, with Secretary-General JOSÉ DOMINGOS MANUEL (JDM) remaining as No. 2, temporarily replacing the president until an extraordinary congress takes place, whose date be decided by the party's Political Commission, which is due to meet in the coming days.
The disappearance of AFONSO DHLAKAMA (AD), historical founder-president of RENAMO who was responsible for recruiting the majority of the cadres who founded MDM and the subsequent dissent for RENAMO of some of the most charismatic MDM figures such as MANUEL ARAÚJO ( current Quelimane mayor) and VENÂNCIO MONDLANE, "soured" the relations between the two main opposition parties, benefiting the hegemony of the FRELIMO party-state. READ MORE