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Mozambique: Opposition Weakening, Nyusi´s Achievement

In the first year of the second term of FILIPE NYUSI (FN), who took office in JAN.2020, the tendency of control of the FRELIMO regime by the Maconde military elite increased, along with the annulment of the opposition, while the security situation deteriorated in the country's N and C.
Interventions by the UN SG Special Envoy, MIRKO MANZONI (MM), to involve in the Disarmament, Demilitarization and Reintegration (DDR) process the RENAMO dissident group, Junta Militar (JM), led by Gen. MARIANO NHONGO (MN), in armed struggle since mid-2019, have not been successful, given the distrust of MM acting in favor of the Government.
In parallel, RENAMO lost influence by failing to capitalize politically with adherence to the DDR process negotiated with the government, under pressure from the United Nations. Opposition to the party's leader, OM, accused by the internal opposition of capitulating in exchange for privileges, is growing, weakening his ability to assert himself. READ MORE