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Mozambique: FRELIMO Divided by Nyusi's Plans for Leadership Succession

The latter positions show a change in strategy by FILIPE NYUSI supporters, speaking more openly not of a third presidential term, but rather of another five years as party president, which would give him ascendancy over the next PR.

Party sources believe that FN, inspired by the Russian solution of VLADIMIR PUTIN, intends to alternate his presidential term with that of president of FRELIMO, continuing to run the country through the party.

If FN manages to renew his mandate in the party, he would have the power to coordinate and guide the actions of the government itself and the parliamentary bench. He would be, by nature of his functions, the leader of the Political Commission (PC), the highest body of the structure, to which the PR himself is subordinated and receives instructions. The CP is composed of an odd number, between 15 and 21 members elected by the CC, being led by the party president and immediately after by the SG. READ MORE